Terri Cortvriend

Cortvriend has voters best interests in mind

As citizens, our single greatest responsibility is to vote, and while local elections often are overshadowed, it is in this most immediate representative body that meaningful change is made. If we are fortunate, we are able to send to the Statehouse on our behalf, a champion, an advocate and a leader.

In District 72 we are incredibly lucky to have Terri Cortvriend representing us, and I want to encourage your readers to support her bid for reelection both in Sept. 8 primary, and in November’s general election.

Terri works tirelessly not only on behalf of her constituents, but equally to build bridges between them, understanding that an engaged, collaborative community is the only one that has the resiliency needed to face the onslaught of challenges from climate change to COVID that confront us today and will emerge tomorrow. Through her “Talks with Terri” series, she provides a meaningful and immediate connection to legislators and lawmakers at both the State and Federal level that cuts through the bureaucracy and gets things done. Her passionate advocacy for our youth is clearly evident from her time on the Portsmouth School Committee to her efforts earlier this year to require climate education in schools.

As a small business owner in the Marine Trades, one of Rhode Island’s most important industries, Terri is a strong advocate for job training and empowering Rhode Islanders with the skills and resources they need to access lucrative careers.

Across the board, Terri is there for her community, and has demonstrated this commitment not just through her words, but through her deeds. I hope that you will allow her to continue to fight for those she represents as well as the best interests of all Rhode Islanders by supporting her reelection with your vote.

Jonathan Kabak, Portsmouth

Posted Sep 1, 2020 at 4:00 PM in the Newport Daily News