Terri Cortvriend

Cortvriend understands how government works

I’m writing in response to a recent Letter to the Editor entitled, “The Buck Stops Here.” The author seems to think that he can single-handedly fix East Main Road. He needs a reality check. The process of how state road repairs are prioritized and funded is complex and involves multiple stakeholders, including the RI State Planning Commission, RIDOT, local, state and federal elected officials, and federal agencies. Individuals from all these groups have worked for decades on fixing East Main Road. If the author believes he has all the answers as to how East Main can be fixed and where the money will come from, it would be nice if he attended local and state meetings to share his wisdom.

Recently, State Rep. Terri Cortvriend has actively advocated for East Main Road safety improvements and helped secure the recent RIDOT Safety Audit. I am voting for someone who understands how government works and who always shows up and works hard for her constituents. I urge you to vote to re-elect Terri in the Sept. 8 Primary to be Dist. 72 State Rep.

Lisa McDermott, Portsmouth