we are ready for change we are ready for change

Slide a a Elect the Perfect Candidate a We created VoteStart with full attention to detail, so you can easily create a captivating website for your political campaign, candidate or anything politics-related.

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Programs about Gender Diversity

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Causes & Donation
Elements Integrated

Fully compatible with the astounding & free Give donation plugin, which lets you create donation forms with complete ease. On top of that, you get VoteStart’s practical cause & donation elements for displaying the forms.


Slide Volunteer Recruit Volunteers, Present Donations VoteStart is an all-round political campaign theme. This means that we geared every element, feature & option towards meeting the needs of your new site, including volunteer forms, detailed donation lists & single pages, & much more. a

    Change Become a Volunteer a Hey there! Join our ranks today and help us build a better world for everyone, one step at a time. It’s a world we all strive for.

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    we are ready for change

    Practical Inner Pages

    You also get a collection of captivating predefined inner page layouts for presenting your campaign, yourself, your team, and more.

    inner pages

    Slide events Great Way to Present Campaign Events a Showcasing everything about your upcoming events as well as every individual event has never been easier. Moreover, we made sure that VoteStart’s event list and single event layouts look stunning in addition to being comprehensive. a a a a a a a a a

    Give Your Campaign a Head Start a VoteStart is sure to help your new campaign reach its goals. Get absolutely everything a political website can ever wish for in one theme.