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Dear Neighbor,

As you may have heard, as a result of the once-a-decade redistricting, your home will soon be part of Rhode Island House of Representatives District 72. Welcome! My name is Terri Cortvriend, and I would like to introduce myself as District 72’s representative, serving Middletown and Portsmouth. I am a mother, a grandmother, a small business owner and a public servant for the past 14 years. I served 10 years as a member of the Portsmouth School Committee (with the last four years as the Chair) in the House, where I am a member of the committees on Small Business; Environment and Natural Resources; Oversight; and Innovation, Internet and Technology. Since last summer, I have also chaired a special legislative commission studying issues related to Rhode Islanders’ constitutional right to shoreline access. I care deeply about our community, local small businesses, protecting our open space, shoreline access and our watershed, supporting our seniors aging in place, advocating for vulnerable populations, and securing future investments in education for our children. I am asking for your support and vote in re-electing me as your state representative on November 8. I have built a strong foundation for our district and Aquidneck Island, developing relationships with federal, state and local leaders, as well as the many local organizations that serve our community. I am honored to have been recognized in 2020 as the #1 legislator in Rhode Island for constituent outreach and the #1 representative overall by RI Ranks. I have met both privately with hundreds of individuals and held more than 30 monthly “Talks with Terri” public constituent meetings. COVID-19 has put unprecedented stress on our healthcare system, our economy, and our day to day lives as well as putting the brakes on the typical legislative session. I used this time to serve constituents on a one-to-one basis, assisting with unemployment issues, delayed services with state agencies, and helping local small businesses navigate federal and state COVID grant and loan programs. During this time, I have also delivered over 150 donated meals to the people of the Anthony House, clients of Newport Mental Health and to the homeless shelters on Aquidneck Island. If you have a question or want to reach me you can contact me by email Rep-Cortvriend@rilegislature.gov or call (401) 472-4789. I invite you to follow me on Twitter at @TerriCortvriend, on Facebook at @TerriCortvriendforStateRep, and on Instagram at @TerriCortvriend


Terri Cortvriend

Accessible Representation at the State House for District 72

I will continue work tirelessly to champion good legislation, good policy, through the state process to passage. Legislation that will positively change our lives on the Island and throughout the State.

I will continue advocate tirelessly for state funding for education, for career, tech and vocational education, business training programs, for improved infrastructure, for access to affordable quality healthcare, for a sustainable green economy that produces good paying jobs, for our seniors, for our veterans and for fiscally responsible, transparent, accessible state government.


Having served on the Portsmouth School Committee for over nine years, Terri understands the importance of education.

“Our businesses rely on an educated workforce, and our home values are closely tied to the quality of our schools. But reductions in state aid have put stress on both the Middletown and Portsmouth School Districts. 

“As high school is reimagined, let’s provide our students with more real-world experiences, through project-based learning, career tech training, and internship opportunities.” “I am committed to making sure our facilities adequately prepare our students for the 21st century and I support Safe Schools.”

“As your State Representative, I will not only fight to get our public schools what they need, I will also support legislation to make college more affordable for all Rhode Islanders.”


Healthcare, or lack thereof, affects all of us. Terri knows that healthcare is a human problem as well as a business problem. “My personal experience has taught me the value of having quality health insurance. Had we not been insured when my late husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I could have been one of the statistics we have all read about.” 

Terri believes that no one should be forced into bankruptcy because they get sick. Terri understands that the rising costs of healthcare and health insurance are a threat to our economy.  The current system of employer-based health insurance places a large burden on small businesses and entrepreneurs. As the Drumpf administration continues to undo the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Terri believes that our state leaders must look for solutions to improve delivery, and look for efficiencies for the benefit of all Rhode Islanders. 

Terri believes that reproductive health care should remain a private matter between a patient and their doctor like every other medical procedure.  Privacy was the basis of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision.

Community Challenges

“Are thoughts and prayers enough anymore? 17 more killed in a school, a place that should be safe for our children and educators. I support Safe Schools #NEARIstrong. It is time we rethink our policies and laws. This issue goes beyond gun control – to fix it we need sensible gun laws, support for mental health initiatives, implementation of restorative justice practices, and general investment in the well-being of our children and families.”

Another challenge to our community is how to address the toll that the opioid crisis takes on our communities, Terri worked with other community leaders to create a two-part forum. This face-to-face conversation allowed the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition, parents, teachers, administrators, and first responders to refine their strategies for communicating and cooperating to facilitate prevention, rescue, treatment, and recovery.

“The people impacted by this crises deserve our best efforts. We especially need to provide children with stable environments where they can continue their education with the least amount of disruption.”

Environmental Efforts

District 72 runs along the Sakonnet River, from Lawrence Farm in Portsmouth to Sachuest Point in Middletown. Our district is arguably home to the most scenic areas of Aquidneck Island, and is home to much of our drinking water supply. “I support smart growth, which is mindful of protecting our drinking water by addressing issues associated with storm water.” Terri supports initiatives that will protect our open spaces.   

“Science tells us that Rhode Islanders should be prepared for more storms and flooding.  State government should be developing and implementing strategies to improve the resiliency of our vulnerable areas.” 

Terri supports investment in renewable energy and will work to take legal steps to discourage offshore drilling off our coastline.


H5563, H5565, H5631, H5730, H6063, H6064, H7307, H7174, H7216, H7426, H7471H7868, H7873, H7903


Terri understands that our senior citizen population is growing as more seniors choose to retire on Aquidneck Island.

“State and local governments should be addressing the infrastructure improvements needed to allow seniors to safely age in our community; these resources include appropriate transportation options, senior centers, and home-based healthcare services.”

Terri will work to support the planning efforts for this growing demographic.

Small Business

Terri believes that our kids and grand-kids deserve an opportunity to grow and prosper here on Aquidneck Island. Our support of the Navy is critical to growing local, good-paying jobs. State Government should invest in the infrastructure that supports the economic development of our strengths: such as Undersea and Signals Technology from NUWC, Wind Energy from our coasts, and our growing marine trades industry. In turn, a strong economy supports our great hospitality market. 

“As a small business owner for the last 27 years, I understand the demands and challenges of being an employer and complying with government regulations. I will work to strike a balance between protecting workers and not overburdening employers.”


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