Terri Cortvriend

Cortvriend named #1 Ranked RI House Representative 2020

District 72 Representative, Terri Cortvriend

has been ranked #1 House Rep 2020

#1 Ranked Overall House Representative 2020 Rankings do not measure every aspect and every category of bill the General Assembly votes on, but we feel strongly that the metrics we utilized paint a clear and accurate picture of the legislator’s work towards enacting laws that benefit the public good and staying in tune with their constituents.

Rep Cortvriend also received the #1 Ranked in the RI General Assembly (House and Senate) for having the most open public meetings 2020 From the beginning, the goal of RI Rank has been to encourage accountability by the members of our General Assembly. This includes not only a voting record that stands with the common good, but also responsiveness to the community, and most importantly, a member’s constituents. This survey aims to identify those of our state legislators that hold themselves accountable to their voters by holding town hall or coffee hour-style meetings regularly, that are open to and advertised to the general public. For this survey we measured the number of meetings each legislator held in 2019.

Cortvriend was also ranked #2 RI House Social Media Ranking 2020 Top performers engaged often and honestly, and largely kept their posts positive. Even when they did not agree with the commenter, they engaged, explained their view, and kept the conversation going.