January 2021

I urge voters to support Terri Cortvriend in the Primary election this September and the general election in November. From 2012 to 2018 I had the privilege of serving with Terri on the Portsmouth School Committee. As our chair, Terri worked tirelessly on behalf of our students to ensure our district leadership was implementing a cohesive K-12 curriculum that challenged students at all levels. Especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. As our General Assembly representative for the last 2 years, Terri

I am writing in support of candidates I support for the RI Legislature. I had the honor to represent District 72 in the RI House of Representatives, (then comprising portions of Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth) for six years. For District 72, I will again be supporting Rep. Terri Cortvriend for re-election. She has worked hard for the people of the district during these unprecedented times of COVID. She has a strong record on the environment and education. She is a small business owner herself so

Updated: Aug 29, 2020 The following was written and submitted by Sen Jim Seveney, District 11 & Rep Terri Cortvriend, District 72 . There is a looming issue facing our Senior Citizens in Portsmouth.  The Portsmouth Multi-Purpose Senior Center, housed in the former Ann Hutchinson elementary school on Bristol Ferry Road, will be closing next June.  This 95 year old building has served our community well, but it’s reaching the end of useful life, and is beyond economic repair.  This loss will leave a big hole in the social fabric of

I support the reelection of Terri Cortvriend for State Representative in District 72 consisting of Middletown and Portsmouth. Terri has put in many selfless volunteer hours on numerous committees and organizations throughout Aquidneck Island. I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Cortvriend for seven years on the West Side Development Advisory Committee (formerly the Tank Farm Redevelopment Agency). During this time, I acquired respect for her intelligence, generosity and dedication to the future of Aquidneck Island. Terri is an experienced public servant with

The following was submitted by Representative Terri Cortvriend (District 72, Portsmouth and Middletown). I write this letter in response to my opponent’s recent Letter to the Editor entitled “The buck stops here”  While I appreciate his passion I don’t believe he understands the role of a State Rep. in this process.  Sadly, the buck does not stop where he thinks… it stops with the Statewide Planning Commission,  They decide priority on road infrastructure projects through the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).  The legislature votes to fund

Although not lucky enough to be one of her constituents, I have had the pleasure of interacting with Terri over the past 4 years, and whenever I’ve needed help on something, she has been there to help without hesitation. I wholeheartedly urge those living in District 72 to vote for the reelection of Terri Cortvriend as your State Representative. Terri is a fierce advocate for the environment, public education, affordable housing and helping local businesses survive during these very uncertain times, not only for Middletown

I have been impressed with Terri Cortvriend since first meeting her at a Portsmouth Town Council meeting back in 2004. Heated discussions were occurring between the Town Council and School Committee regarding the school budget because a conservative group had its eyes on slashing the school budget. Terri quietly put her head down and ran for the Portsmouth School Committee, where she devoted ten years of her life (four as committee chair) to advocating for a real world, quality education for our students, overseeing

I’m writing in response to a recent Letter to the Editor entitled, “The Buck Stops Here.” The author seems to think that he can single-handedly fix East Main Road. He needs a reality check. The process of how state road repairs are prioritized and funded is complex and involves multiple stakeholders, including the RI State Planning Commission, RIDOT, local, state and federal elected officials, and federal agencies. Individuals from all these groups have worked for decades on fixing East Main Road. If the author

As citizens, our single greatest responsibility is to vote, and while local elections often are overshadowed, it is in this most immediate representative body that meaningful change is made. If we are fortunate, we are able to send to the Statehouse on our behalf, a champion, an advocate and a leader. In District 72 we are incredibly lucky to have Terri Cortvriend representing us, and I want to encourage your readers to support her bid for reelection both in Sept. 8 primary, and in November’s