Terri Cortvriend

Put your support behind Cortvriend, Ruggiero

I am writing in support of candidates I support for the RI Legislature. I had the honor to represent District 72 in the RI House of Representatives, (then comprising portions of Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth) for six years.

For District 72, I will again be supporting Rep. Terri Cortvriend for re-election. She has worked hard for the people of the district during these unprecedented times of COVID. She has a strong record on the environment and education. She is a small business owner herself so understands the needs and challenges of our small businesses. Being accessible and responsive to her constituents have been a cornerstone of her platform, she is a true representative of our collective voices.

We have two competent incumbent State House Reps (Cortvriend/Ruggiero, District 74, Middletown & Jamestown) who worked hard, represented us well, and who have stood up to leadership in support of reforms that would bring more transparency to the Chamber, who now have primary challengers, both men.

Although I do not believe gender is a qualification, in the spirit of diversity and inclusivity important of the Democratic Party platform, and where women represent only approximately 29% in the RI House, I urge voters to give these hard-working incumbents consideration. I also was impressed by Michelle McGaw, a pharmacist, running for District 71 representing Portsmouth and Tiverton.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote and we reflect on the history of the Newport County Women who had instrumental roles in the suffrage movement, it is interesting to observe what is currently happening in Aquidneck Island.

Regardless of your choice, please exercise it and vote whether in person or by mail! It is intricate to our democracy that so many people fought hard to get and what distinguishes us from other countries.

Amy G. Rice, Esq., Portsmouth